How we do it


Deliverables are the outcome of our efforts together and give you a bird's eye view of your project. They allow us to test if the work we are doing is producing the required results. Figuring out deliverables is an ongoing process and lets everyone in the project make informed decisions and resolve potential problems before they arise.

Content deliverables

Anything that conveys meaningful information to humans is called "content". Together we figure out what each piece of contents purpose should be and then write content to fit that purpose. Doing things this way allows us to test your content against it's purpose and make adjustments when needed.

Priority deliverables

Using the checklist from our content deliverables we work on priority of content and create an un-styled version of your website using simple outlines. It's delivered to you in the browser and is a real website minus colours and textures. Doing it this way allows us to prioritise where content should sit on the page and work together in the medium of the web from the beginning.

Style deliverables

Along side the priority deliverables we also work on a "Style Prototype". A Style Prototype is a website delivered to your browser with colours, styles, typography, textures, buttons, icons and links. This allows us to get your preferences for style early in the process.

Functional deliverables

After your priority and style deliverables have been approved we move onto building your real website. We usually design your homepage first and deliver it to your browser so you can test it on different devices and see how it works from the beginning. No surprises.

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